Quick ‘n Easy Breakfast Sandwich (for dinner)

Tonight is one of those nights when I get home from class around 9:30 pm, haven’t eaten a bite since 11:00 am, and am famished. I have no patience for an oven or even a boiling pot of water. This is where my good friend, the grilled cheese, steps it.

The one thing I love about grilled cheese is that you can modify it in so many ways. Tonight I needed a little more substance with my sandwich, so I decided to go with my boyfriend’s popular breakfast sandwich. This baby consists of a cheese omelet, ham or bacon, and 2 slices of American cheese.

The Best Breakfast Sandwich (Ever)

2 eggs

~1 T milk

Seasoned salt


Shredded cheese

American cheese


Some nice thick bread (Italian or French works really well)


An omelet pan will make your life so much easier. Crack your egg into a small bowl, add your milk and whisk in. Add seasoned salt and pepper to your heart’s desire. Cook thoroughly and add some cheese before folding in half. Meanwhile, butter your bread (don’t be shy) and place 1 slice of cheese and some ham on one of the pieces. Place your omelet on top of the ham, top with the other piece of cheese and slice of bread. Brown on both sides (med-low heat works best).

Knife and fork sandwich?

This is always best enjoyed with a glass of juice (tonight I’m having orange-mango). Lesson learned today: don’t cook while you’re hungry, otherwise things may get a little “out of hand.”


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