Skillet Steak with Tasty Veggies

Allison promised me that she would be home for dinner one night this week so I could experiment on her. Well tonight’s the night! Being in a fancy mood, I decided to go with a skillet steak. I never usually buy meat from the store, but I gave in this week and tried my best to pick out a decent cut. Fail. Oh well.

Basically, this morning I used my new favorite meat seasoning from a little spice shop up in Wisconsin (thanks Allison) and gave these steaks a good rub and put them back in the fridge. I sautèd some onions in olive oil, then added the steaks, cooking for about 7 min a side. I then brushed on a last minute sauce consisting of:


brown sugar

Worcestershire sauce

maple syrup

yellow mustard

As for amounts I’d estimate 9 parts ketchup : 3 parts brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, maple syrup : 1 part mustard. Ish. After then first 7 min of steak cooking wonderfulness I added the sauce.

Meanwhile, Allison was kind enough to chop up some veggies. Green beans, 1 yellow pepper, 1 orange pepper, red potatoes, and some onion. I heated up some olive oil, seasoned it with garlic powder, seasoned salt, and pepper then added the veggies. Those cooked for about 15 min. Once the steaks were fully cooked, I added the rest of the sauce to the skillet and just left them on low till the veggies were done. This was the end result.

Gives a nice display.

Allison decided that the veggies were great (of course) but the steaks were a little dry. Sadly enough I agreed with her. Next time I’m going to go with a thicker steak, not be so cheap, and actually get a really good cut of meat.

Boots also approved of the veggies as she “stole” a pepper off my plate and cleaned up the potato slice that Allison dropped. What Boots doesn’t know is that as soon as I’m done posting this, she is getting a bath. Which in her mind is just as bad as dressing up in this:

Costume for the Sigma Zeta homecoming golf cart

Poor Boots.


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