No cooking!!!

So I really haven’t posted anything in the past couple of days because I haven’t had to cook! Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying cooking, but sometimes a break is nice. Here’s a run-down of my culinary experiences the last couple of nights.


Allison cooked tonight. She made this yummy chicken fettuccine alfredo with peas. (gotta have that green stuff) We even had some fresh pineapple to go with!


My boyfriend was in Indy for a job interview so he came over to say hi and took me out to dinner. We found this great little place not too far from where I live called La Trattoria. It’s this little Italian restaurant inside a house. They have great decorating and the food is even better! I had Tortellini alla Panna aka tortellini filled with cheese, tossed in an alfredo sauce with pieces of ham. It was tasty!


Another night out! This time I went out with Allison and her husband. We went to this little place that Allison has been raving about for weeks! It’s called Sisters and it’s located on Madison just south of downtown Indy. Basically it’s a diner with really good home-made food. I had chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy. Dessert was by far the best though. I had their apple crunch pie… oh my was it good!! Came with a little ice cream on the side and it was heavenly!

Tonight will consist of leftovers (probably the pork tenderloin from Tuesday). Until next time!



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